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We connect personal computers into an extremely efficient ecosystem for business applications.


Each computer has an independent power supply, its own internet connection and independent disk space.

Flyps gives you access to scalable computing power on unprecedented principles.

As in the case of cloud solutions, through the API you gain access to the most sophisticated services required to achieve your business goals.

  • You bring the project goal closer
  • You specify the requirements and tasks to be performed
  • We offer a free test, we set the terms of cooperation. No upfront fees!
  • You analyze the obtained results and we can start

Let us tailor our offer to your requirements.

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  • Big Data
  • Data processing
  • Rendering
  • Bioinformatics
  • CDN
  • Internet of Things


Lower costs

Calculations cheaper by up to 60% and care for the environment due to the use of unused power of computers operating in user's homes.


Calculations performed in isolated virtual machines, separated from user's operating systems.

Mass parallelism

Calculations carried out in parallel, which significantly reduces the waiting time for results.

Geographic dispersion

Decentralized calculations, dynamically processed in many locations, make you independent of local failures.

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