Creators and enthusiasts

We want to be proud of the work we do. We believe in being upright in our actions and presenting high business standards. They play an important role in ensuring continuous growth and success.

Sebastian Drygalski

CEO / Co-Founder

Sebastian came up with the idea of Flyps. It is thanks to Sebastian's vision and knowledge you may earn money by renting out your computing power. Drives the company's vision by engaging in product and technology development. Passionate about Artificial Intelligence.

Wojciech Wichrowski

CTO / Biz Dev / Co-Founder

Wojtek is our Chief Everything Officer. Wojtek will take on any task, especially if nobody want's to touch it. He finds time for sleep, at least that's what he says.

Krzysztof Sinica

Lead Developer / Co-Founder

A born optimist who loves outdated, but stable technologies, dynamically typed languages and challenges. The more obstacles and problems, the more he feels it’s the right challenge for him.

Katarzyna Kajukało-Drygalska

Management Assistant / Co-Founder

Kasia takes care of all the details in the team and in Flyps. She manages time-consuming things that, from the team’s point of view, just happen on their own, when in fact they go through her hands.

Jakub Bacic

Tech Lead / Co-Founder

Jakub is a passionate software developer, Kubernetes lover and enthusiast of cloud-native solutions. He mostly works with Python but he's not afraid of other technologies such as Golang or Dart (Flutter) or C#. During his free time, Jakub enjoys playing riichi mahjong as well as firing off a few rounds at the shooting range.

Maciej Trębacz

Senior Fullstack Wizard

Maciek is a software developer and as the name implies - he develops software. Maciek presses a few keys, and boom - the code is done. Maciek knows backend, frontend, SQL, Docker, and many other quirky words. After hours, Maciek passionately discusses topics with people, who are wrong on the Internet.

Kinga Szwajkowska

Finance Project Manager

Kinga is surrounded by an aura of law and order, which permiates into all company processes. Her joining the team began an era of administrative enlightenment.

Piotr Samol

Software Developer

Piotr is our Magic Developer. He takes care of everything which needs to be done - from automation of all the boring, repeatable tasks, to web development, to statistical analysis. During his spare time Piotr devotes himself to teaching his cat how to become a better programmer.

Mikołaj Wrzesiński

Senior Backend Developer

Mikołaj implements solutions in silence, proving that asking any questions is for the weak. Enthusiast of good software, uncontested in his pursuit of the goal.



Kevin proved that any graphics software and the console window can be operated by one person. He will escalate any pixel that is out of place, and what he creates does not always end in fatal error. When he is home alone, he switches the qwerty keyboard with an octave and the mouse with a pan handle.

Monika Reczuga

Office Assistant

Monika makes sure that all documents get to where they should be. Her duties include day-to-day office and administrative work. After hours, she programs, honing her skills under the watchful eye of the best technical team in Poland, a team she is about to join full time.

Kamil Nowak

Junior Developer

Kamil is a self-taught results machine who has turned steel polishing into python code skills polishing. He lives by the principle "If You’re Standing Still, You’re Going Backwards". He willingly helps others, and when he feels an inner need, he gives to charities as a mentor. Kamil loves adrenaline, especially on a Rugby field.

Daria Kaidalova

Frontend Developer

Daria is a front-end developer. She deals with the creation and optimization of web applications, adding various effects to websites, and does everything related to frontend. At work, she focuses on proven solutions, but we have seen her dabble in new technologies.

Aleksy Królczyk

Junior Developer

Passionate musician, PC gamer is his calling. He gets any rules of any board games fast, way too fast, waaaay too fast. It is said that he's coding so quickly that no machine can keep up with displaying his typed characters, so he's in constant need of a new, better computer.

Adam Korytowski


Adam likes his Rubik's Cubes and is very fond of his rubber ducky (with a Rubick's Cube pattern!). Adam spends his free time creating math problems and then annoys people asking for solutions.

Marcin Lenartowski

UX/UI Designer

Less is more ... this statement appears in almost all aspects of my life (except for my beloved body, of which there is never enough). I'm on the planet designing interfaces for the most demanding users. Death metal, Grind Core and transferring my own visions onto the screen - these are my greatest passions. When designing, I focus on minimalism in a beautiful form, while listening I focus on brutal simplicity.

Klaudia Krusińska

Office Assistant

Klaudia takes care of administrative matters. She has a hundred ideas per minute and organization is her middle name. She is always smiling and ready for action.

Jerzy Ellert

Software Developer

Highly experienced, self-taught programmer and an enthusiast of object-oriented programming. He started with C++ and Java, then fell in love with Python. He is open to new challenges and whenever he encounters a problem he is like a fox terrier: he will not give up, until he finds a good solution.

Piotr Falkiewicz

Machine Learning Engineer

Piotr is passionate about Italian cuisine and culture. In between cooking and travelling, Piotr watches Calcio and plays RTS games. When it comes to solving issues with Data - Piotr is the man!


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