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Vidvi - Live shopping

An idea turned into a final product serving the largest in the country.

Marketing and sales - together

Vidvi is a live e-commerce marketing tool for brands to conduct live shows directly on their web page with an option to multistream to other social platforms (facebook, etc). Vidvi is integrated with any e-commerce platforms allowing viewers to see and purchase products directly from the videostream. The tool also allows viewers to interact with streamer via interactions and real time chat. Vidvi has also its own mobile broadcasting app for hosts.

From scratch

Flyps created the entire product from scratch, starting with design and UX analysis, creating a dedicated video transcoder, ending with a ready product. Flyps provides ongoing support & new features development.

Success Stories

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Endoscopic capsule with machine learning

Detect diseases through entire digestion system and avoid colonoscopy.

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Biotechnology company

Identify algae cells

Robust algaes detection allow to produce high-value compounds for use in a wide array of industries and applications.



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