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Automated Guided Vehicles

We used 2D and 3D LIDAR
with RGB-D cameras to revolutionize the industry.

Industry standards

A robust and precise autonomous navigation system is a key component of modern mobile robots used in the industry. In our project, we work on the localization, navigation, and path planning of the automated guided vehicles using 2D and 3D LIDARs with RGB-D cameras.

Personalized approach

In a static world, mentioned tasks are considered as solved, while in the dynamic and unconstrained environment they still remain

a great challenge that is tackled by our team.

Success Stories

Inspiring Client journeys with us

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Endoscopic capsule with machine learning

Detect diseases through entire digestion system and avoid colonoscopy.

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Biotechnology company

Identify algae cells

Robust algaes detection allow to produce high-value compounds for use in a wide array of industries and applications.



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