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That's who we are

Flyps is a high-tech software
house that has been on the
market for over eight years.


We created the first cashierless stores in Poland, and our team was the pioneer in the field of building automation.


We specialize in projects requiring high levels of expertise: R&D, AI, computer vision, or high scalability. As a software house, we develop software for self-driving robots, biotech companies, IoT, or data-driven companies, among others. We create our own internal products and work with both foreign and Polish clients - including American Fortune 500 companies and unicorns.

Our reach is global

We are located in central Europe, in Poland. But we don’t let that limit us!


Our team consists of many people

who spent years living and working
abroad, and as you can see, English is
very often our first language.

We’ve completed marvelous projects

for partners from all around the world, including, but not limited to the USA,
Australia and other parts of Europe.

We don’t let artificial borders

of language and territory limit us
in our mission to make software
development better!

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