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Endoscopic capsule with machine learning

Endoscopic capsule enables
a non-invasive examination
of the gastrointestinal tract through a small pill-shaped device equipped with a camera
and an easy-to-use app.

Our role

Flyps is developing an application that will serve as a tool both for patients
(to pair the capsule with an app)
and doctors (as a platform to conduct examinations based on the captured images).


This cutting-edge technology aims to transform diagnostic procedures by offering a non-invasive
and patient-friendly alternative to traditional endoscopy, providing clinicians with detailed visuals for accurate diagnosis and improving overall patient care and comfort.

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AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles

Robust navigation combining LIDAR and other sensors to navigate through dynamically changing warehouses.

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Fish fraud detection

Unusual initiative to help avoid fraud in fish market around the world by using spectrometer and computer vision



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