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Wildfires Turboplan

Complex tool helping the US Forest Service in gathering and analyzing data on forest fires and ways of prevention.

Our role

Wildfires.org is an incredible Non-profit project we are honored to work on. Wildfires assist the US Forest Service in data gathering and analysis, making forest fire prevention easier and quicker.

Full-stack service

With more accurate data, the USFS will be able to execute its work better. We are entrusted with building the entire platform, from full-stack services, with close cooperation on design, to training LLMs, offering AI solutions and product support.

Success Stories

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Endoscopic capsule with machine learning

Detect diseases through entire digestion system and avoid colonoscopy.

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Biotechnology company

Identify algae cells

Robust algaes detection allow to produce high-value compounds for use in a wide array of industries and applications.



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